About sensory bottles

Now we tell you everything about this wonderful children's resource: sensory bottles. Inspired by the Montessori method as a relaxation strategy for children over 18/24 months, sensory bottles offer many more benefits.

They allow different spheres of child development to be developed and now we are going to go into the details a little.

Every child should have a set of sensory bottles in their toy basket.

They are useful from 3/6 months when the baby begins to work on his motor development in time with his interest in the world around him. Grabbing the bottle, manipulating it, allows him to develop his gross motor skills. He exercises the muscles of his arms and hands, practicing hand-eye coordination to bring it to his mouth as he enters the period of active development of orality, very important for his sensory awakening, his openness to the world and his future capacity. to feed themselves.

Then, over the following months, the baby will increasingly focus his attention on the effects that the bottle produces on his senses: sound effects, visual effects, tactile effects when feeling the movement of the objects contained within the bottle. Which will favor the development of their fine motor skills and the pinch, the movement that babies make between the thumb and index finger.

As the child grows, the contents of the bottles can become more elaborate: we can enter the world of themes to create a resource that is not only sensory but also educational. A resource that will favor the child's attention, concentration and observation abilities to encourage their interest and curiosity to explore diverse, fun and playful content.

Over here a bottle about underwater life, another about the sheet and another about the forest, the tropics etc... Over there a bottle to celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Easter or our 4 seasons... A whole world of possibilities to familiarize the child with basic knowledge of our land, our cultures...

We also want to add that the diversification of the contents of our sensory bottles offer an interesting resource for the development of logical thinking through set theory: observing similar and different objects in a bottle allows us to discriminate and group.

Finally, sensory bottles are a fantastic strategy to help children return to calm: by capturing their attention, the bottle takes them away from all the stressful stimuli. In such a way that children find it easier to learn to control their emotions.

You see, sensory bottles seem like a small thing, but they offer many advantages to accompany different spheres of the child's development.

We also recommend it for early childhood education professionals who are teachers or daycare centers. They are also an interesting resource for children with specific needs who have sensory and motor development disorders.