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Pack of textures 5 sensory bags option pompons

Pack of textures 5 sensory bags option pompons

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Second starter pack consisting of 5 sensory bags. This time instead of the bag with water pearls, the bag with pompoms , another classic star model for the little ones.

Each one offers a particular and unique tactile sensation:
-1 pompom and water sensory bag for a flowy feeling
- 1 sensory bag eyes in pairs and organic vegetable glycerin for a sticky sensation.
-1 sensory bag with pink vegetable gelatin for a rather solid and malleable sensation.
-1 dry, sound sensory bag with colored rice and ornaments of different sizes, shapes and materials.
-1 bubble sensory bag with organic vegetable oil and colored water.
Our starter pack is ideal and economical for the tactile, visual and auditory sensory awakening of little ones.
Bags size: about 20/15cm
Each bag is sealed on 3 levels for complete security.
Our bags are guaranteed BPA and phthalate free.

Do not let your child put the sensory bag in their mouth to avoid the risk of leakage or breakage. Babies under 36 months should always handle the sensory bag under adult supervision due to the risk of ingestion or inhalation of small pieces if it breaks. We recommend that you check the seal and waterproofness of the bag before each use. Do not give your child a bag that shows signs of leaks or tears.

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