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Sensory bottles of emotions

Sensory bottles of emotions

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Recognize the nature of your emotions, accept them as a natural human condition to manage them in a healthy and positive way. A whole stage in the child's life! With our emotions bottles, your child will be able to:
--> associate a color with each emotional state that invades you.
--> materialize this emotion by manipulating the bottle whose contents are specifically designed to match the sensations one feels when one gets excited:
- The color pink and its little butterflies or tickles in the stomach when it feels love because its heart says so
- The color Yellow with its little stars, its light and shine when you feel happy
- The green color of hope, calming when you feel serenity
- The color blue with its pearls to symbolize the tears that fall when you feel sad
- The color red with its little bubbles because anger is about to make us explode
- The color purple is bold because of fear because fear makes you tetanized and you don't know what to do.
- and the multicolored color for the confused emotional state because it is difficult for you to identify what you feel.
Each bottle for the child comes with two cards of the monsters of emotions so that the child can associate them in addition to being able to materialize their emotional state over time. We added a sheet of emoji stickers so you can identify and classify the main emotions.
Maternzen creates unique sensory bottles to encourage the sensory awakening of our little ones. Inspired by the Montessori philosophy by stimulating different spheres of child development, our bottles, whether liquid or sound, are perfect for the multi-sensory awakening of babies and young children, stimulating their concentration and imagination abilities, their curiosity and imagination, as well as allowing the exercise of global and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and the cause and effect relationship. Our sensory bottles are a complete and essential children's resource for your baby's development.
All of our sensory bottles are made from unbreakable PET plastic without BPA and phthalates. We propose two types of bottles for this model: with an aluminum cap or with a bamboo cap that includes an additional safety cap.
The cap is carefully sealed with solvent-free hot glue.

The letters are delivered translated in the selected language.

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