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Weather Liquid Sensory Bottles

Weather Liquid Sensory Bottles

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Learn the different methodological phenomena with this collection of liquid sensory bottles. For the return to calm. What is the weather like today? Foggy, rainy, stormy, windy, cloudy, sunny, snowy? With our Weather bottles, your child will be able to familiarize themselves with the main weather conditions in a playful and fun way.
The sensory bottles are inspired by the Montessori philosophy. Through early sensory stimulation, the baby and child acquire and consolidate knowledge of their environment and themselves. It is a fantastic children's resource to encourage their observation, exploration and emotional self-regulation skills.
Maternzen creates a wide range of liquid and sound sensory bottles that are more focused on the return to calm during periods of emotional storm or on exploration with diverse, playful and educational contents such as mini worlds and themes.
All of our sensory bottles are made from unbreakable PET plastic without BPA and phthalates. The cap is sealed with solvent-free hot glue and very carefully so that the bottle cannot be opened.
We offer two types of bottle: with aluminum cap or with bamboo cap (this model includes an additional safety cap).

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