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Liquid Sensory Calm Bottle Magic Bottles Magic Powder

Liquid Sensory Calm Bottle Magic Bottles Magic Powder

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New format for new sensory and manipulative experiences with our Balls round sensory bottles with bamboo wooden stopper that includes an additional safety cap.

Magic Bottles is a series of bottles with 8 very striking colors made with magic dust, water pearls and a touch of glitter.

The Ball format allows new manipulation possibilities as can be seen in our video: stack them, spin them, watch the shiny powder with a satin effect move inside, similar to a magic potion. Finally, let them rest to observe how, as the dust settles, the water balls also called Orbeez appear.

Buy Magic Bottle sensory bottle with magic dust. 7 colors. With Orbeez water beads. Round sensory bottle for new manipulative and visual experiences.

A Star model exclusive to our Maternzen brand already known in its classic bottle version but that will be irresistible in its ball version.

Measurements of our ball bottle: 8.5cmx7cm. Capacity: 230ml

All our sensory bottles are made with PET plastic without BPA and other toxics. They are unbreakable. 

Why buy a sensory bottle for your baby or toddler?
- to stimulate your senses: sight, hearing, touch. Even in its active oral exploration phase of the first months, the sensory bottle offers advantages due to its totally safe shape and textures (PET plastic without BPA and phthalates. Organic bamboo wooden stopper).
- Allows you to exercise global and fine motor skills, eye/hand coordination and the cause/effect relationship.
- Allows you to work on attention and observation skills
- It is a fantastic tool for emotional self-regulation and helping little ones calm down when they get stressed.
Inspired by the Montessori philosophy, Maternzen lovingly conceives and creates high-quality sensory bottles designed for all types of needs.
This model is only available in Ball form due to the wide variety of objects that make it up. The diameter being wider, the observation and identification of the elements is more comfortable for the child.

Our sensory bags and bottles should be used under adult supervision with children under 36 months. The bags should not be chewed. In case of breakage, do not use the bag anymore and contact our customer service. Despite sealing our bottle caps very carefully, we recommend checking the seal of the bottle before handling it. If you have any questions, contact our customer service.

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