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Sound Sensory Bottle Geometric Shapes

Sound Sensory Bottle Geometric Shapes

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Geometric Shapes is a bottle made with different wooden shapes so that the child can put together, discriminate and visually recognize the main geometric shapes.

It is a sound and observation bottle that is light to manipulate and playful for its colorful and diversified content.

Sensory bottles are an excellent strategy to develop various skills in babies and children, as well as being an interesting resource for children with sensory and/or motor disorders. They stimulate different senses and children's concentration and observation abilities. They invite you to identify different sounds and encourage interest in exploring diverse and diversified content.

We create sound sensory bottles:

-simple with a single type of material to focus the child's attention on the sound of the material used.

-More elaborated with different materials, colors and themes so that the child can explore content that is both fun and playful.

All our bottles are made with unbreakable PET plastic. The cap is sealed with hot glue so that the child cannot open them.

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