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Panda Sound Sensory Bottle

Panda Sound Sensory Bottle

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Panda is a dry sensory bottle made with stones of different colors from nature, artificial plants and several rubber pandas. Content rich in materials and colors to invite the child to observe, explore and let their imagination fly about the animal world.

A loud and playful bottle to learn while having fun.

Sensory bottles are a fantastic children's resource to stimulate different areas of development of babies and children without or with special needs (TSA, ADHD or other developmental disorders).

Inspired by Montessori pedagogy, initially as a relaxation strategy for children during emotional storm phases, sensory bottles have other benefits: they serve to work on fine and gross motor skills from the first months and as the child grows, they allow them to stimulate their attention and observation capacities to awaken their curiosity when exploring diverse and playful content. They are an excellent tool for sensory awakening and emotional, intellectual and motor development.

We recommend our bottles from 3/6 months depending on the type of bottle. We advise you if you need advice when choosing your sensory bottles. They are also useful for early childhood education professionals as a resource in their workplaces.

All of our sensory bottles are made of BPA-free PET plastic. The cap is carefully sealed with hot glue so that a child cannot open them.

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