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Sound and exploration sensory bottle Elephant Sabana collection

Sound and exploration sensory bottle Elephant Sabana collection

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Our collection dedicated to the world of the Savannah. Our Elephant sensory bottle is a dry, sound, exploration mini-world sensory bottle themed to the animal world of the Savannah. It is a bottle made with different natural materials: coffee beans, colored rice and bee pollen. We have added some stones whose color recalls the arid climate of the Savannah as well as an artificial plant with, of course, its realistic miniature elephant. A real pleasure to encourage the curiosity and imagination of the little ones.

Sensory bottles are a fantastic resource for child development from 3/6 months to the first 6 years of life. They allow multi-sensory awakening of babies and young children, stimulating sight, touch and hearing at the same time. In addition, they are an excellent strategy to achieve a return to calm during moments of emotional storm by focusing the child's attention on the contents of the bottle and its movement to separate them from negative stimuli and promote emotional self-regulation. Finally, sensory bottles with their infinite possibilities in terms of contents are a recreational and educational resource.

All our MaternZen sensory bottles are freely inspired by the Montessori philosophy by stimulating different spheres of child development.

We propose many types of content, liquid or dry/sound bottle versions, with themes, mini worlds, etc.

You can choose between two types of bottles: with aluminum cap or with bamboo cap (which has an additional safety cap).

All our bottles are made from BPA and phthalate-free PET plastic. The cap is carefully sealed with solvent-free hot glue.

For measurements of each model, you can refer to our photo gallery in each product sheet.

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