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Forest Sound and Visual Sensory Bottle

Forest Sound and Visual Sensory Bottle

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Our Forest model for a sensory bottle celebrating nature.

We like the Bosque sensory bottle by:

  • Its content is rich in green and brown materials, typical colors that recall the atmosphere of our forests.
  • Its decorations symbolize its animal and plant life: ladybugs to symbolize luck, perseverance, as well as being one of children's favorite insects. Mushrooms that grow and live in humid places like forests.

Bosque is a light and playful sensory bottle, easy for little hands to manipulate on the theme of nature, the animal and plant world and its symbolic dimensions. It is interesting for all ages.

Our sensory bottles are an excellent resource to develop different fields of development of babies and children with or without special needs: they stimulate the senses, gross and fine motor skills, as well as being very pretty for little ones' eyes. They encourage their observation skills, easily capturing their attention to develop their interest in exploring diverse and fun content. So they are an excellent strategy for relaxation.

We also work on themes so that our bottles offer a fun educational resource .

Our bottles are ideal:

  • for children from 3/6 months depending on the type of bottle

  • parents to accompany their child in their motor and sensory development

  • for early childhood education professionals.

All our bottles are made of PET plastic, that is, unbreakable, without BPA and other toxic substances. Its contents are also completely harmless and cannot be opened when heat-sealed.

We offer two types of bottles: with aluminum caps or with bamboo caps.

Learn more about the creation and manufacturing of Maternzen sensory bottles.

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