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Nature sound and visual sensory bottle

Nature sound and visual sensory bottle

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Our dry sound and visual sensory bottles with healthy food themes with a touch of fantasy.

Models: Chia Seeds with Avocado - Pumpkin Seeds with Coral Lentils - Pastas with geometric shapes and herbs - Chickpeas and Wooden Pearls - Rice and Confetti - Puffed Wheat with colored Pearls.

Each bottle emits a particular sound in addition to being very visually attractive. It is also a resource to familiarize the child with quality foods, essential for a healthy and balanced diet.

You can choose the model you like the most for €6.75 per bottle or the entire Pack of 6 Nature bottles for €34

Sensory bottles are a fantastic children's resource: they encourage concentration as well as inviting the child to stay calm and observe their contents.

We also work on themes so that our bottles offer a fun educational resource .

Our bottles are ideal:

  • for children from 3/6 months depending on the type of bottle
  • parents to accompany their child in their motor and sensory development
  • for early childhood education professionals.

All our bottles are made of PET plastic, that is, unbreakable, without BPA and other toxic substances. Its contents are also completely harmless and cannot be opened when heat-sealed.

Learn more about the creation and manufacturing of Maternzen sensory bottles.

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