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Geometric Pearls Liquid Sensory Bottle

Geometric Pearls Liquid Sensory Bottle

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Geometric Pearls is a floating sensory bottle for the return to calm made with pearls of different shapes and a touch of glitter. It is a bottle that is both relaxing and interesting to observe and identify the different shapes of pearls: square, rectangle, triangle, circle.... A playful strategy to familiarize the child with the mathematical concept of geometry in addition to inviting him to discriminate visually various shapes.

Liquid sensory bottles and their particularities :
-We also call them bottles of calm because of the slowed movement of the objects that float inside the liquid. It encourages concentration and invites the child to be calm while observing what happens inside the bottle.
-The liquid distorts the view of the objects contained within the bottle. In this way, it becomes fun and very curious to observe a liquid sensory bottle.
-In addition, this category of bottles are very interesting due to the chemical properties of the liquids used and their reactions when we put them together.

All our sensory bottles are made with PET plastic without BPA and other toxics. They are unbreakable. The cap is heat sealed which means a child cannot open them .

We offer 2 types of bottles: with aluminum caps and with organic bamboo caps.

Inspired by Montessori pedagogy as a relaxation strategy, the sensory bottle is a fantastic children's resource both to stimulate the sensoriality of the baby and the child and to develop their ability to observe, concentrate, their curiosity and interest in exploring diverse and fun contents.

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