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Colorful Butterflies Liquid Sensory Bottle

Colorful Butterflies Liquid Sensory Bottle

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Our Colorful Butterflies sensory bottle is made with beautiful confetti in the shape of butterflies of different colors with holographic effects. Its rather slow movement, the lightness of the butterflies, its warm colors and its brightness allow you to focus attention effectively to relax as well as marvel the eyes of both children and adults. It is a bottle that announces the arrival of good weather: if you propose activities about the seasons to your child, our Colored Butterflies bottle will add joy and beauty to your spring table or any other type of activity about this season.

Buy Colorful Butterflies liquid sensory bottle. Calm bottle. Sensory play. Spring Theme.


Why buy a sensory bottle for your baby or toddler? - to stimulate your senses: sight, hearing, touch. Even in its active oral exploration phase of the first months, the sensory bottle offers advantages due to its totally safe shape and textures ( PET plastic without BPA and phthalates. Organic bamboo wooden stopper).
- Allows you to exercise global and fine motor skills, eye/hand coordination and the cause/effect relationship.
- Allows you to work on attention and observation skills
- It is a fantastic tool for emotional self-regulation and helping little ones calm down when they get stressed.
Inspired by the Montessori philosophy, Maternzen lovingly conceives and creates high-quality sensory bottles designed for all types of needs.
3 types of bottles for this model: Classic Fornato with aluminum cap or with bamboo cap that includes an additional safety cap. And Ball format with bamboo stopper that also includes an additional safety lid.
Plugs sealed with solvent-free hot glue.

Our sensory bags and bottles should be used under adult supervision with children under 36 months. The bags should not be chewed. In case of breakage, do not use the bag anymore and contact our customer service. Although we carefully seal our bottle caps, we recommend checking the seal of the bottle before handling it. If you have any questions, contact our customer service.

Step by Step

3/4 months: baby will be able to work on his global motor skills trying to grab the bottle. He will enjoy his oral phase trying to put it in his mouth. Your attention will be drawn to the colors, sounds, and movements that the bottle emits when handling it.

6/9 months: baby will manipulate his sensory bottle with more precision (fine motor skills). He likes to shake it to experience the effects it produces on his senses. You will enjoy throwing it, if you have several, stacking them, rolling them...

from 12/18 months: in addition to continuing to enjoy the previous benefits, the baby will, upon entering early childhood, be more focused on the details of the bottle's contents. Which will allow you to develop your curiosity, your imagination and your language practice.


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