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Starter pack of 5 texture sensory bags

Starter pack of 5 texture sensory bags

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Our pack of 5 sensory bags is designed so that babies and young children can discover different textures with different contents and tactile and visual sensations. It is the ideal pack to introduce your child to the manipulation and observation of sensory bags. A pack that is both simple, colorful, fun and playful, respecting the abilities of young children for their sensory awakening without overstimulating them.
Our pack contains:
- a liquid bag with a bubble effect mixing two immiscible liquids.
- a semi-liquid bag with colored eyes. Bring pairs of eyes of the same color/shape so that you can identify them and put them together when handling them inside the bag. It is also phosphorescent. Put it in the dark or on your light table to see how it shines.
- a liquid bag with orbeez, also called multicolored water beads. A basic bag because of the peculiar tactile sensations that pearls have when you handle them. It is a very fun bag and appreciated by babies and children who can have fun with water beads in complete safety!
- a gelatinous bag, quite solid with glitters to give it a touch of shine. Its texture allows you to draw shapes, numbers, letters with your fingers! It is a bag that is both fun, relaxing and playful!
- a dry and sound bag made with colored and rainbow rice. It is a bag with simple objects to observe and identify both tactilely and visually. It is very striking and sweet.

Meanwhile, the sensory bottles are more focused on the action of shaking, the sense of sight and hearing, with the sensory bags we give a boost to the stimulation of the sense of touch: manipulating the bag, feeling the shapes with your fingers, the textures of the elements that compose it, moving them within the liquid... The sensory bag is a relaxing activity that allows you to exercise hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, as well as the observation and exploration abilities of diverse, playful contents. and very fun. A new universe to develop the curiosity and imagination of babies and young children. As a sensory activity that stimulates various spheres of child development, sensory bags fit perfectly with the Montessori philosophy.
Our sensory bags are made with solid plastic bags to contain food. They are free of BPA and phthalates. They are perfectly sealed with a sealing machine. The child will be able to enjoy them without any risk of breakage.
Approximate size of the bags in our texture pack: 20x15cm

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