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Polar Bear Sound and Spy Sensory Bottle

Polar Bear Sound and Spy Sensory Bottle

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Welcome to the Artída , where the largest land carnivore in the world lives, the white bear, also called the polar bear . Living on sea ice, it is capable of swimming long distances in the icy waters of the great north. An animal that can reach 3 meters in height for males and 2 meters for females. Their body and physiology are perfectly adapted to life in frozen waters, vital spaces for them as it is their means of hunting, reproduction and rest. Global warming, which tends to reduce the surface of frozen waters, represents a real threat to animal life in the polar areas of the earth. It seemed important to us to dedicate a sound and exploration sensory bottle to this animal and its environment as a playful bottle to raise awareness from early childhood about the animal diversity of our planet but also about what threatens it.

Maternzen creates unique sensory bottles freely inspired by the Montessori philosophy : liquid to observe how the elements float inside the bottle or dry / sound for the stimulation of the sense of hearing, the observation of playful content with themes or Mini Worlds type.

Our sensory bottles are the new essential sensory game with many advantages: multi-sensory awakening, development of global and fine motor skills, work on eye/hand coordination, emotional self-regulation through concentration and observation, stimulation of curiosity and imagination in addition to being a true educational resource. As a tool for knowledge of oneself and the world, our bottles fit perfectly with the Montessori philosophy .

We offer two types of bottles: with an aluminum cap or with a bamboo wooden cap that includes an additional safety cap. They are made of unbreakable PET plastic without BPA and phthalates. The plugs are sealed with solvent-free hot glue for complete security.

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