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Rabbit in the Prairie Sensory Bottle

Rabbit in the Prairie Sensory Bottle

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With our Rabbit in the Prairie model, you can choose between the liquid version and the solid version. Floating bottle or sound bottle version, Rabbit in the Prairie is the perfect bottle to announce the arrival of good weather, celebrate the first season with its nature full of colors and life. A bottle that also stimulates your little one's senses and is liked for its playful side. If you are fans of seasonal tables, this bottle, whatever its contents, will be perfect to illuminate your spring and summer table. Recommended from 9/12 months due to its quite detailed and colorful content.


Maternzen offers you a wide range of liquid sensory bottles for the return to calm with its relaxing effect or dry ones more focused on the stimulation of the sense of hearing. Both types of bottles certainly allow the sensory development of sight and touch. We also work on themes so that our bottles, in addition to being an excellent children's resource for sensory stimulation, are also a playful resource that encourages curiosity, the desire to explore diverse and fun content, and the imagination of babies and young children.

With the purpose of allowing children's emotional self-regulation as well as opening them to knowledge of the world and themselves, our bottles fit perfectly with the free inspiration of the Montessori philosophy.

We propose two types of bottles for this model: with aluminum cap or with bamboo cap (which has an additional safety cap).

Both types of bottles are made of PET plastic without BPA and phthalates. The caps are sealed with solvent-free hot glue and with due care for complete safety.


Our sensory bags and bottles should be used under adult supervision with children under 36 months. The bags should not be chewed. In case of breakage, do not use the bag anymore and contact our customer service. Despite sealing our bottle caps very carefully, we recommend checking the seal of the bottle before handling it. If you have any questions, contact our customer service.

Step by Step

3/4 months: baby will be able to work on his global motor skills trying to grab the bottle. He will enjoy his oral phase trying to put it in his mouth. Your attention will be drawn to the colors, sounds, and movements that the bottle emits when handling it.

6/9 months: baby will manipulate his sensory bottle with more precision (fine motor skills). He likes to shake it to experience the effects it produces on his senses. You will enjoy throwing it, if you have several, stacking them, rolling them...

from 12/18 months: in addition to continuing to enjoy the previous benefits, the baby will, upon entering early childhood, be more focused on the details of the bottle's contents. Which will allow you to develop your curiosity, your imagination and your language practice.


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